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About me

Hey there!
My name is Marco, born near Milan in 1978, and I am an AFOL.
Who is an AFOL?
To make it easy, it's an Adult Fan Of LEGO. Is an adult who likes to stimulate his creativity through the use of LEGO bricks.
In particular, I love to photograph them, so I chose the nickname APhOL: Adult Photographer Of LEGO.

If you have some time to invest and want to know more, take a look to this post i've wrote for blog, about the 'why':

The main subjects of my photos are the minifigures, portrayed in various situations belonging to their world or the real world (who has never thought of balloons, eating grapes?).

It would be great if their stories could give you a smile and a little fun every time you see them!


Me inaction

Thanks to my friend Luigi Priori (@priovit70) for this pic of me in action.

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